The Riders


I am now 16 years old and feel that I can now take on this epic journey that my dad has done twice before!! I want to take on this trip for two reasons
  1. To get fit and
  2. To help out a very worthy charity that has helped my nana for years.


I am really looking forward to be doing the bike trip to Sardinia this summer.I cycle every day on my Paper round which works out being about 35 miles a week which does help with training but I know that I will have to increase this amount as we get closer to the bike ride as it will be really tuff!! I think that it will be a great experience and I can't wait!


Mike is 16 and thinks that cycing through Europe in the summer will be a fun way to recover from an operation on his shoulder.


Katie is 17 and enjoys anything active. She is very competetive and is unlikely to let her brother Mike ride at the front.


I'm now 50 and although I feel it, I think I will be fitter now than before. This will be 3rd time (twice heading south and once north bound) doing this ride each time on my trusty Dawes Super Galaxy Touring bike. I will be leaving behind my 2 children, Tim 12yrs, and Nicholas 9yrs and Alison my very understanding wife. William my eldest now 16 years was 11 the first time I did this and now he's coming with us and I'm sure he'll find it easier going then I will!!

I own and run the Tour Operator Just Sardinia, Just Skiing and The Grenada Collection which certainly keeps me busy in these challenging times, and part of my training is cycling to work each day. The training for the trip will kick in after the Easter holidays including a test ride in Sardinia and we hope to cover at least 80 miles a day.

My Mother is an avid user of the SEDCAT "Bat Bus" services so it will be a pleasure to raise the money for this worthy cause.


I am married to Sian and have 4 children ranging in age from 6 to 16 years old. 

I work as the IT manager for Just Sardinia, which means I sit down all day. Not the best preperation for a trip like this. I do however cycle to work every day, which is around 6 miles.

I have lost a few pounds recently and have been keeping reasonably fit, but this is something else!


I live in Poole with Susan and our 2 children, Paul and Kate, 16 year old twins. As a family we have spent many happy holidays driving through France to Provence, but this time I am looking forward to seeing more of the countryside from my bike rather than behind the wheel of a car! 


Martin took part in the first Cycle to Sardinia and is using this trip as an excuse for getting a new bike.