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Call for the BAT Bus and shopping will never again be a chore!

Help is now at hand for the elderly and those who find using public transport difficult. No longer will it be necessary to stand waiting for a bus to get to the shops and then struggle home with heavy bags. Morning shopping trips using the BAT Bus can help to make life much easier. This is a fantastic ‘door to door’ shopping service which is provided by sedcat (South East Dorset Community Accessible Transport) and stretches out to those in our community who are still trying to maintain an independent life.

At Sedcat we understand how difficult life becomes when people get older, or have mobility issues. If you can’t get out, your whole world shrinks and this can affect both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Members of the BAT Bus can choose to visit either: Castlepoint Shopping Centre, TESCO Riverside Avenue (off Castle Lane), the Sovereign Centre in Boscombe and ASDA at St Pauls Roundabout. The bus drops members off at their chosen venue for approximately two hours shopping before they rejoin the bus and are then taken back home.

A programme of outings is available to members on a Wednesday afternoon and all day on Saturday. For many people, who find themselves isolated in their homes, the BAT Bus arrives at their door and they are able to go shopping, meet friends and visit local places of interest. Once people find the BAT Bus their lives are often much happier and more fulfilled.

As time goes by, and more people hear about the BAT Bus, the need to increase our fleet of buses is becoming more acute. It is for this reason that fundraising activities are taking place to try and raise enough money to buy another bus.

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